NEW - DECO'S DELI is now open in City Centre Food Court at 77 James Street North. A brand new menu featuring burgers, chicken fingers and wings. 

Just west of the 77 James Street entrance to the City Centre you’ll find the original Deco’s Deli, a nosh spot done up in an aesthetic that wouldn’t be out of place in the TH&B building on Hunter Street. 

It’s efficient, friendly and modestly priced. You’ll find hot coffee, muffins and pastries, and a range of healthy cereals for the early morning suits and soups, wraps and hot and cold sandwiches for the lunch crowd

Deco’s caters buffets, sandwiches,salads and platters, taking some of the sting out of those endless meetings. 

All that and you rarely have to wait in line.

- Hamilton Magazine March 2009