Rise and Shine
Bagel Selection
The perfect choice for your early morning meeting. 15 assorted bagels, cream cheese, jam, peanut butter, and margarine on the side
Muffin Selection
15 assorted muffins, sliced and arranged with butter and margarine on the side
Lox and Bagels Selection
Assortment of bagels with thinly sliced smoked salmon and cream cheese, red onion, capers and slices of lemon
Pastry Selection
15 assorted uffins, danishes, croissants and scones with margarine on the side
Soups, Salads and Deli
Individual Salad (Gourmet) $6.29
Individual Salad (Garden) $5.00
Fruit Platter
An irrestible arrangement of melons, pineapple and in season fruits
Vegetable Platter
An appetizing arrangement of a variety of fresh cut vegetables and dip
Domestic (Local) Cheese Platter $107.10
Fruit Bowl/Fruit with Yogurt $7.56
Combination Platter
A platter featuring the best of our vegetable, fruit and cheese platters
Sandwich Selections
The Ultimate Lunch Selection
Whether your meeting or event is for 5 or 50, add a delightful flavour to your agenda with this gourmet selection of classic deli sandwiches, with salad, pastries and soft drinks
per person
Specialty Sandwiches/Wraps $11.30
Regular Sandwiches $10.05
Buffet Selection
A delicious platter featuring Deli meats with two loaves of fresh baked bread, pickles and garnish. (For 10)
Field and Stream Buffet
An assortment of salmon salad, tuna salad, egg salad and cream cheese with two loaves of bread, pickles and garnishes
Grazing Platter
120 Assorted party sandiwches including salmon, tuna and egg salad and cream cheese arranged with garnishing
Ugrade (Gluten Free) $1.25
Beverages and Desserts
To complete your meeting, add beverages to any of our selections.  
Coffee Service (per person) $2.50
Tea Service (per person) $2.50
Juice Service (per 355ml bottle) $2.50
Soft Drink Service (per 355ml can) $2.50
Spring Water $2.50
Pastry Dessert Platter $69.30
Cookie Platter (Individual) $3.15

Delivery Charge $5.00